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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

To start:

At Azabu Pet (henceforth referred to as “our company” or “we”) we take the least possible of our client’s information to ensure that our clients feel safe while using our services.
We take protecting personal information extremely seriously.
Our company’s privacy policy is as follows.

About Handling Personal Information

  • Our company takes our client’s information protection extremely seriously. The information from our registered clients (whether they are individuals and other organisations) through our staff is only the necessary information in order to carry out our services properly.
  • This privacy policy reach solely extends to our company’s services. *”reach” is defined below.
  • We do not use anything for anything else but the explicitly stated purpose in this contract. *”purpose” is defined below.
  • Furthermore, this contract is periodically updated through regulated methods.
  • Our company reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without our user’s permission.
    Our company will ensure that our users are notified of any changes to this privacy policy by publicly stating it on our website and updating this privacy policy to reflect any changes.

Our definition of this Privacy Policy’s reach

  • Our company Privacy Policy only affects those clients who use our services.
  • When clients use our services, their personal information is collected and our company manages and protects it in accordance with our privacy policy
  • Our company’s privacy policy only extends to those who those who directly use our services. Any links etc that connect to other organisations or company’s and their services fall outside of this privacy policy.
  • Any use of our company’s services are done so under user responsiblity.
  • Our company is not responsible for any and all losses that occur as a result of our website or a link from our website to another website.

Personal Information Gathering and Use

We only take a limited amount of personal information is necessary for us to offer and create services.

  • We will not share any information gathered with any third party only unless it is necessary for any services or meets the any of following conditions.
    • If the client consents.
    • If the client wants their personal information sent to them via email.
    • If our company has signed a non-disclosure agreement with a seperate company (for example: an outsourcing agency) and needs a limited amount of information.
    • If our company or an outsourcing agency or similar that we wants to send promotional material to our clients either by email or post.
    • If the client’s actions goes against our company’s terms of service, our company policies or notices, or if our company’s, a third party’s or another client’s rights or property is seen to be at risk.
    • If we are given Court orders, Government orders or any other law-involved orders that instruct us to present personal information. Or if it is deemed necessary for any crime investigations, where a third party’s rights have been impededed upon or to prevent the impedment of a third party’s rights.
  • Clients agree in advance that their personal information will be used by our company in the ways outlined and cannot dispute this fact.
  • In the following circumstances, our company will share client’s personal information with our business partners.
    • If there are clients-only special services or other business-related reasons
      This is only if we have recieved a client’s expressed consent for this to occur. This will not occur without expressed consent.
    • If we are creating statistical data documents, conducting market research or anaylising data etc.
      We will only use information that is non-identifying in these situations.


If you have any questions in relation to our privacy policy or how we handle personal information, please feel free to contact us.