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About Our Company

Company Name Hospitality & Partners Co., Ltd.
Address Level one, Parkside Sangubashi 5-chome-57-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo 151-0053
Telephone Number 050-5491-7200
URL http://hospitality-p.com/
Founding Date 28th of August, 2006
CEO Shoko Negoro
Capital Stock ¥10,000,000
Main Bank MUFJ Tokyo Bank, Roppongi Branch
Business Name Azabu Pet, Azabu Store
Address TAS Azabudai Residence 1st floor, 3-3-14 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041
Telephone Number 050-5491-7200
Animal Handling Business TypeSafekeeping
Registration Number 17 Tokyo-Hodai 003570-Go
Registration Date 14th of May, 2012
Business Registration Expiry Date 9th of May, 2026
Person Responsible for Animal Handling Saori Kon
Business Name Azabu Pet, Yoyogi Park Store
Address Level one, Parkside Sangubashi 5-chome-57-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo 151-0053
Telephone Number 050-5491-7200
Animal Handling Business Type Training and Safekeeping
Registration Number Training: 21 Tokyo Kundai003160-go、Safekeeping: 21Tokyo Kundai003160-go
Registration Date 10th of May, 2011
Business Registration Expiry Date 9th of May, 2021
Person Responsible for Animal Handling Itsuki Takabashi

A Message from our CEO

In the other person’s shoes…
We strive to make you and your beloved pet feel like a member of our family.

I founded Azabu Pet in 2006, after my Miniature Pinshire, Choco, came home after every stay in a Pet Hotel they would be so stressed out that they would bite their own feet. Everytime they came home, there would always be bandages around their little legs.

I wanted to help people who were at a loss as to what to do like I was.
I wanted to help people who treasured their cats and dogs as a part of their own families.

I always felt so guilty going on trips, there was a point where I couldn’t even leave the house.
I couldn’t leave my beloved family with anyone and in the process, I had sacrificed myself to take care of them.

One day, something came up that meant I had to leave the house and I was recommended a “Pet Sitter”.
I was so relieved and happy that I could leave my strong-willed Choco at our home where she looked stress-free.
I found out two wonderful things that day. One, that changing a dog’s enviroment can be extremely stressful and two, that this wonderful service called a “Pet Sitter” exists. 。

“I know there are people out there who are dealing with the same worries as me because they love their darling pets so much.
I can’t let that person give up their life like that. I want to help them.”
So dogs, cats, and humans can all live a happier life, for all those people who love their pets as a member of their family… I started Azabu pet for you.

In the other person’s shoes…
We strive to make you and your beloved pet feel as a member of our family.

In 2013, we created a free space style pet hotel in one of our three stores.
With this, we created a less stressful environment for our furry guests and to give our human clients peace of mind if they don’t like the idea of people coming into their homes.

We strive to make you and your beloved pet feel like a member of our family.

“Wouldn’t you feel as if you are always looking over your furry family if you can see how the Pet Sitter is taking care of them through a security camera?”
“I’d feel a lot safer if I had a bunch of security tools to make sure no one was going through the draws or anything.”
“If I was the owner, I’d want super detailed update emails on how my little fur-baby is doing.”
All of our services come from putting ourselves in the clients’ shoes and attending to any needs or worries that someone may have and truly understanding each and every one of our clients.

We breakdown “common sense” thinking. Why? Because there are people who need them broken…

We live in a world where the commonsense is to not take in aged dogs and high-risk dogs. However, Azabu Pet knows that there are owners out there who are stuck because no one will take care of their beloved family members. We take these voices as our own.
We will take in those pets whose tomorrow’s aren’t assured. Other companies will turn away dogs who bite. However, no matter how big the order is, we think to ourselves “there must be something we can do” and together with our clients we make what seems like an impossible situation possible.

All of our staff hold Animal Handling certificates in a number of fields. On top of that, our staff are all required to obtain certain certificates and constantly be looking out for even the most minute details when looking after our guests. As a company, we provide endless support to make sure that our staff have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animals.
However, while knowledge is important, we strive to bring the most loving and passionate people into our company to provide the warm, caring environment that our guests are so used to at home.

We hope that Azabu Pet can provide enough peace of mind to become a part of your family.
We welcome any comments on even the smallest thing you may notice or any request.
We will do everything in our power to make you and your fur-family as happy as can be.

Hospitality & Partners Co., Ltd. CEO
Shoko Negoro


Keeping our clients close in our hearts and minds

Azabu Pet Staff all offer our services to every one of our clients with
“a great sense of love and gratefulness”,
“101% of the time keeping our clients’ needs in the forefront of our minds”,
and “an always yes policy”
as our mantras.

Our Company Officer

CEO: Shoko Negoro

A brief Summary
Born in 1976, in Kyoto.
In 1999、after graduating from Kansai University with a Masters Degree, started at the large foreign finance consulting firm
Price-Waterhouse Cooper Co. Ltd.
In 2000, at the age of 23, begun a system development.
In 2006, founded Hospitality & Partners and is the CEO.

Advisor: Yoshihisa Arai

A brief Summary
Japan Pet Business School Association director
International Dog Traning Association director
International Pet Business Trade School Atami Curriculum Board
Trade School Okayama Business Challenge Curriculum Board

The ways we create outstanding services

    In-house Research and Education

    Azabu Pet, our staff engage in periodic research and customer service training to ensure that our clients are completely satisified.

  • Periodic Staff Meetings

  • Newly Graduated Prospective Employee Research

  • Sitter’s Periodic
    Quality Check

  • Grooming Skills Checks

Client’s Questionnaire

We treasure communication with our clients. It’s thanks to our clients that we can better ourselves and our services.
Azabu Pet uses questionnaires to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make our services better for all of our clientele.

Using our Client’s Questionnaire for the betterment of all of our Services

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