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Pet Sitter: Yurie Takahashi

Certifications and Qualifications
Pet Sitter's School Certified Pet Sitter
Japan Pet Licence Association - Cat Specialist
Japan Pet Licence Association - Cat Sitter
Pet Sitter's School Certified Puppy Teacher

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Cats, dogs, rabbits, parakeets (budgerigars), chickens and goldfish

I grew up in an environment where having animals around was completely normal. Of course I love all animals but there is a special place in my heart for cats – I have a lot of friends who see a cat and think of me. Soon after I started living on my own for the first time I lost my pet at the time but as fate would have it I had the opportunity to take in a kitten being given away, and we started our new life together just the two of us. She is a rambunctious tomboy that gets into a spot of trouble from time to time but more than that she is so loving and she made my love towards animals grow even larger. At the same time, I realised how heavy the responisibility of taking care of an animal by yourself is and so I took the time to get a certification related to cats so I could make her as happy as I could. From there I thought “I want get a job so I can help animals!” and I chose to the path of being a Pet Sitter. Pets are family. They may not be able to speak using words but if you treat them with love they definitely understand. I work hard for so you can feel comfortable allowing me to take care of your family.

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