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Pet Sitter: Yukiko Uchida

Certifications and Qualifications
Japan Pet Licence Association - Cat Specialist
Japan Pet Licence Association - Cat Sitter

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Three cats

You know how there are people that just LOVE curry, like I LOVE ANY KIND OF CURRY! sort of people, that is exactly how I feel about cats. The little white kitten my brother picked up and brought home was my first fur-family. She was almost half wild living freely in our garden and I experienced so much because of her, like injuries due to territorial fights, pregnancy, birth, emergency c-section, getting rid of ticks, her kitten that was hit by a car, sickness, and aging. I looked after the ginger kitten that she bore from the day he was born to the day he died. Pet loss was such a unimaginably sad thing that for over 10 years I couldn’t own another cat, but fate had brought me together with a kitten that was being given away. At that point in my life, I thought about my past experiences and asked myself, “how can I give this little one the longest life possible?” and started studying. Then we all got a little older, my kitty, my parents and myself. “What if I got sick?” “What if my parents couldn’t take in my little kitty, what would happen to her?” When I found myself thinking about this, I realised that there must be others like me who are thinking the exact same thing. Every household has their own individual circumstances. I chose this job so I could be even a little bit of help to these people. I will do everything in my power to be there for you and your precious fur-family. I hope to meet you all soon!

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