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Pet Sitter: Yuki Fujimura

Certifications and Qualifications
Japanese Pet Sitter's Association Certified Pet Sitter Pet Care Advisor (Level 2)
Pet Sitters Group - Pet Sales Advisor
The General Insurance Association of Japan - Property Damage Insurance Sales Exam
Anicom - Anicom System Course
Chiba Animal and Flower Garden Vocational School Certified - AIK Groomer Licence
Hawaiian Humane Society Certified Animal Welfare Leader
American Red Cross - Cat & Dog First Aid

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Miniature Schnauzer, three mixed cats, red-eared slider, goldfish, rats, three sugar gliders, three hedgehogs, three mice, two panda mice, long-haired hamsters, two cone snakes and tentrec hedgehogs

I have loved animals ever since I was a child, and grew up surrounded about them. When I was in primary school, I thought I’d like to get a job to do with animals, so I took care of a lot of animals and graduated from vocational school with a certificate in animal raising. I will do my absolute best with all of my experience up until now to take care of your fur-family with love. I hope to meet you soon!

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