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Pet Sitter: Nene Umeyama

Certifications and Qualifications
Japanese Pet Sitter's Association - Pet Sitter

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Djungarian Hamster

I loved animals as a child and I had always dreamt that when I was older I’d be able to get a job working with them. In middle and high school for the whole six years, I was a part of the Cats and Dogs Club where we looked after, and found adoptive families for rescue animals. I went to vocational college to become a dog trainer for two years and in my down time I was a volunteer working with rescue animals and learnt a lot about how important life is. In my third year of high school I took in two three-day old rescue kittens that I still live with today. Those two are my precious family and I can’t imagine life without them. Everyday I use all of my experiences up until now and all of my experience gained by lovingly looking after my clients’ dogs, cats and other animals to provide peace of mind to my clients’. I hope I get the opportunity to help you out as well!

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