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Pet Sitter: Megumi Arai

Certifications and Qualifications
Japanese Pet Sitter's Association Certified Pet Sitter
Pet Care Advisor (Level 2)

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Cats, rabbits and parakeets (budgerigars)

Ever since I was little, I have loved dogs, even so far as that I am holding a little stuffed-toy dog in all pictures from my early childhood. I sadly wasn’t able to grow up in an environment where we could own a dog but in primary school I looked after parakeets (budgerigars) from eggs! My love for animals never wained even into adulthood. While volunteering at an adoption shelter for two years, I was also looking after cats as well as dogs and that’s where I realised how adorable cats are as well! Now I live with a rabbit, a cat and a parakeet. I love animals so much that I always make sure that I record any TV shows featuring animals. I think that animals are all so cute because irrespective of their species they all have their personalities and differences. I hope that I can make each one of the pets I look after in this job just that little bit happier each day.

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