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Pet Sitter: Mayumi Yoshida

Certifications and Qualifications
Japanese Companion Animal Association Qualifed Pet Sitter - Level 1

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Three cats, 7 ferrets, hamsters, pikas, turtles, and various fish such as goldfish and Japanese Killifish

I have always loved animals since I was little. I couldn’t leave stray cats and dogs alone, from when I was in primary school, if I heard about an animal that had been left on the streets, I would take them in myself and find forever homes for them even staying up all night and going from Chiba to Kanagawa and back each week. Since I started living on my own, I have adopted 7 ferrets. Having a whole bunch of animals was really fun and they were all so cute, but soon enough they all started to get older one by one and it was unbelievably hard to take care of them when they would get sick. I made the decision that I wanted to make as much time as I could for them and the veterianary hospital allowed me to spend as much time as was possible at home together. I was also blessed with a wonderful workplace that allowed me to bring them in with me so I could look after them as I was working. But there were times when it just wasn’t possible for me to bring them in with me, and I was so worried I couldn’t concentrate on my job and I felt so horrible and guilty about leaving my little furry babies alone. Currently, all of my babies have gone to a better place and for a while I hadn’t been able to bring myself to invite a new fur-baby into my life. I thought I wanted a job where I can always be with animals and use my care-giving skills that I gained looking after my own aging pets to be of help to others. And that’s why I became a Pet Sitter at Azabu pet. I will do my absolute best to relieve my clients’ worries and be a stress relief for my little furry friends who are looking after the house alone. I hope to meet you soon!

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