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Pet Sitter and Counselling Manager: Masumi Kiriya

Certifications and Qualifications
Pet Care Advisor, English Proficiency Test Level 1, Secretarial Proficiency Test Level 1

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Mixed breed dog (male), mixed breed dog (female), Border Collie (male), Java Sparrows, chicks to chickens, goldfish and Japanese Freshwater crabs

I have a love that cannot be described by mere words for every living thing on this earth. Even just in the street, I find myself whispering to the birds and incects around me, wishing to each one that they have a happy life. The animals around us humans brighten our lives, calm us, invite us to smile more, and even sometimes make us healthier! I believe that we should be grateful for their existence and that is why I work hard and with love to ease our clients’ worries each day. When I first entered the workforce, I worked for a long time as a secretary in both English and American companies that stood at the pinicle of the Japanese market. During this time, for three years after work and on the weekends, I visited breeders’ who taught me so much about caring from all kinds of dogs from mixed breeds to show dogs. Last year, there was a six month period where I had to look after my elderly dog, my own fur-family. I currently am a volunteer at a rescue shelter looking after rescue cats and dogs.

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