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Azabu Store Groomer: Saori Kon

Certifications and Qualifications
Japan Animal Welfare Society - Groomer Level 2
Japan Animal Welfare Society - Training Advisor Level 3
Japan Animal Welfare Society - Cat Specialist Level 2
PEIA Pet Esthetician Silver
Animal Welfare Society - Canine Life Planner Level 2

The furry-family members I've had in my life
Dogs, turtles, hamsters and goldfish

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved animals! When I was little, I was always playing with my two big dogs. Having animals around was natural for us. I remember when I was in primary school, my dog was sent to the groomers and I remember how happy I was the moment I saw him when he came back looking so adorable. I remember how the groomer, the dogs, the customers, everyone was just so smiley and I thought I was to make people this happy too. So I decided to become a groomer! And now I work hard each day to make our clients and my furry clients happy each day. See you in store soon!

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