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Our Staff

All of our staff (including Pet Sitters and Store Staff) are qualified animal-handlers. We are all animal-loving highly trained professionals.

Our Staff

Pet Sitter: Yuki Akagi

Ever since I was little, I've owned both dogs and cats and have always loved animals. I want to continue to learn and grow so that I can provide even better loving care to each of my client's precious……

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Pet Sitter: Nanami Nishikawa

I love dogs, cats and all animals and I have always wanted a job that involved them in someway. I worked as a nurse in a veterianarian clinic but, now I'm a Pet Sitter! I find the more time I spend wi……

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Pet Sitter: Yuko Kawase

Ever since I can remember I have always thought that living with animals was normal for everyone. However, after my cat who had lived with me for almost 20 years died, I realised what truely means to……

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Customer Support: Hitomi Nonaka

I feel that the experience of growing up around animals and that having animals in my life is an irriplacable life experience. Since becoming an adult, I truly love them as my own children and I feel ……

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Pet Sitter: Megumi Arai

Ever since I was little, I have loved dogs, even so far as that I am holding a little stuffed-toy dog in all pictures from my early childhood. I sadly wasn't able to grow up in an environment where we……

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