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Hey there! It’s the Yoyogi Park Stores very own Mori!

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When you go on holidays or out of town for work, and you have to leave your pet at home, I think anyone gets a little on edge about that.

When you leave your pet in a pet hotel, I think everyone wonders what they are doing all day.

I think there are a lot of people who get worried especially at night.

That is why today I’ll be introducing to you our Overnight Care Services!

Our Pet Hotel is Staffed 24 Hours

Our Yoyogi Park store’s reception is open from 9am until 6pm but we have staff on shift 24 hours a day so our furry guests always have someone looking after them.

As we have someone on staff always, we have a lot of guests sleep soundly all the way until morning (^^♪

We ensure that nobody feels lonely even on their first night away from home.

Customised Care Plan for the Ultimate Hotel Stay

We talk to you beforehand about your fur-family’s regular routine, so that we can create a hotel experience that is as close to normal as possible by taking on their normal walks and giving them their normal food.

As a base we have meal times at 9am and 6pm however, we will match your routine with timing and amounts given so that they can enjoy their meal as normal! ♪

Our walks are also 15 minutes each twice a day but if you would like we can take them out in the very early morning or late at night to match with their normal routine!

Staff Play Time: How we Ensure they are never Lonely

While staying with us, they do not only see our staff during the day.

Our staff will also play with our furry guests before bedtime after 11pm at night with all of their favourite toys! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

For those guests who like a cuddle, we pat them and hold them to give them the attention they love.

Our staff do everything they can so that our guests are never lonely!

Same Room Sleeping Service

For those furry guests who usually sleep with their family, we offer our Same Room Sleeping service with our staff sleeping by their side as an extra add-on (for suite rooms only) so you can be assured that they are never alone.

So both you and your fur-baby can sleep soundly at night knowing that one of our staff is there sleeping with them in their own room.

All of our dogs that used this service all slept wonderfully until morning! (^-^)

We have a lot of different sleeping styles with our doggies! One’s that spend the whole night in our staff’s arms, or one’s on the bed with the staff!

For those who don’t want to leave their dog alone for one minute, we recommend this Same Room Sleeping service!

★In conclusion!

Our Yoyogi Park store has 24 hour staff and plans that are completely customised to your pet’s normal life!麻

For those who worried about having their fur-baby getting lonely, feel free to ask!

For Hotel and Short Stays

Look no further than our 24 Hour Staffed Yoyogi Park store ♪