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Model Ms Mori Hikari came into Azabu Pet for a magazine shoot!



Hey There

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a photoshoot in our West Azabu store with model Ms Mori Hikari and her Chihuahua Tino (=∩_∩=)

Mori Hikari is an underground model at “”CanCam”” and is also famous because of her sister!

She has recently been appearing on TBS’s Saturday Night Chubaw! as a regular and we love watching her each week.

Sadly, in June she had moved on from the show “”King’s Brunch”” (>_<。。)

Mori Hikari is exactly as wonderful as she is on TV and was more than obliging to take a picture with our staff.

And Tino the Chihuahua was a very clever boy.

Thank you to both Tino and Mori Hikari for coming into our store today ☆☆

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