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Dog Training

Supporting your dog for life with individualised training in-home private lessons

About Our Training Services

We create personalised training plans that fit with your lifestyle and your puppy’s personality.

There are a lot of factors that determine how many lessons might take for each puppy such as starting age, environment, and their personalities. For example, for shy, placid puppies, we might recommend a slow once a week introduction to having lesson. Where as a lively, excitable puppy the same age could start off with three days a week.


Our dog trainers will sit down with you about what might be right for you and your fur-family. Counselling takes about one hour and we do ask that you book in first.


We have private lessons where the owners and family’s can learn aswell!
1 private at-home lessons
¥4,950 60/lesson

How to use

Step 1: Counselling
First let us get to know you and your puppy in our counselling session! This way our dog trainer can see how they normally behave. Please book in with us in advance!

Step 2: Application
Please apply over the phone or through email.

Step 3: Payment
We will send you an invoice. We ask that you please make your payment before the payment deadline.

Step 4: Training Acceptance
Things we ask you to bring: Collar and Lead Dog Food for their Lunch Treats for practicing, any favourite toys, etc.

We have an unlimited plan that includes such services as our Short Stays Services and Grooming Services. We lovingly take care of each and every one of our little guests as you would. Each of our guests has their very own staff member to look after them.

Bookings and Enquiries

Please call or use our contact form for any bookings or enquiries.

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