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Smartphone-Accessed Camera

See your fur-baby at home anytime with our smartphone-accessible webcam


See your fur-baby at home anytime with our smartphone-accessible webcam
With a built in microphone, you can also chat with your furry family members. With an on board infrared mode, you can clearly see everything even at night.
Easily set-up on your smartphone, computer or tablet! Most all of our clients who use our camera service once go on to be regular repeat clients!

Types of Cameras we offer

  • Moveable Cameras

    Control the direction you’re facing with our remote controlled camera

  • Fixed-Position Cameras

    Keep an eye on things at home with our position fixed camera

We will connect our camera to your home’s Internet router with an LAN cable on the first day of pet sitting.

How to Use our Cameras

  • From your smartphone

  • From your computer


Feel close to your fur-family from wherever you are in the world

From your smartphone, tablet, or computer any where in the world just connect to the Internet
and you’ll be able to see your fur-baby.

See in the dark with nightvision mode

Built in normal and nightvision lenses and infrared-LED. The camera detects the amount of light in the room, and automatically changes over to the infrared nightvision mode once it gets dark enough. Automatic clear vision during day or night to keep an eye on your fur-baby at home.

Just three minutes to set up on your phone!

Install the iPhone or Android application, enter in the Camera ID we send and set your password and you’ll be able to check up on your fur-family anytime, anywhere!

Things to be Aware of
*We ask that we may use a powerpoint in your home in order to operate the camera.
*We have a limited amount of cameras. We ask that you book well in advance especially during busy periods.

Bookings and Enquiries

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