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A Day in the Life: Pet Sitter

This is an example schedule of an Azabu Pet’s full time Pet Sitter!

Main Duties

We go to our client’s home and take care of their fur-family!

7:00am Leaving home
We leave straight from home and go to our first client’s home for the day by train.

8:00am Walking Service
After arriving out the client’s home, we get our furry guest and take them on their usual route for their morning walk.

9:00am Next Job!
We go to our next client’s home by train. During the ride, we check on the electronic care taking record and to make sure we know how to take care of our next furry guest!

9:30am Looking After a Feline Guest
We have arrived at our next home. We enter the home with the key that they have left for us, and take care of their little kitty just as instructed on the electronic care taking record.

10:35am Next Job!
While on the move to our third client’s home for the day, we write up our update email for the last client.

11:15am Looking After a Dog Guest
Arriving at our third client’s home, we enter using the key we were given. Again, we look after them as it says to in the electronic care taking records.
We also take them for their walk!

12:00pm Next Job and Lunch time!
During the train ride, we write up our update email!
Before we go to our fourth home for the day, we stop at a cafe for some lunch and a break.

13:30pm Looking After Dog and Cat Guest
At our fourth and fifth home, we look after a cat and a dog.

16:30pm Picking up Tomorrow’s Keys from the Yoyogi Park Store
We go to the to the Yoyogi Park Store to pick up the key’s to tomorrow’s client’s homes.
We also make sure to check in with the managers and our co-workers for a quick chat.

17:00pm Done!
A good days work, I’d say! Ready to do it all again!

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