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We have in-company research and training oppurtunities regardless or of your
type of employment (Full-time, Casual etc.) or your position (Groomer, Pet Sitter, etc)

In-House Research and Training

Newly Graduated Prospective Employee Research

Every year in March, Azabu Pet takes our newest soon-to-be employees that are fresh out of university and Animal Managaement School on an overnight research trip.
Through this research, we aim to lay the foundations of knowledge needed for operating in a new company environment and how to give the level of customer service we expect.
After officially entering the company, we also guide our new employees on our management operations as according to our company’s manual.

Guidance for Casual Employees

We teach our new casual employees everything you need to know with an on the job training period.
Once this on the job training is finished, you will go about your new duties with one of our more experienced staff members by your side.

Grooming Skills Checks

Azabu Pet regularly conducts grooming skills tests with auditors to assess the level of each and every one of our grooming staff members.
We give each of our grooming staff members feedback so that we can continue to develop our skills.

Sitting Skills Checks

Our pet sitting senior staff members regularly conduct Pet Sitting Skills tests to assess each sitter’s skill level.
We give each of our sitting staff members feedback so that we can continue to develop our skills.

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