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Pet Sitter (Full-time)


Job Name Pet Sitter
Wage From ¥200,000-¥250,000
Work Location While we do have the main headquarters and store near Yoyogi Park and the Azabu store, our Pet Sitter’s work in our clients’ homes.
Our clients mainly live around Minato-ward, Chiyoda-ward, Shibuya-ward, Shinjuku-ward, Shinagawa-ward and Chuo-ward.
Job Description Pet Sitters go to our clients’ homes and look after their dogs, cats and other small animals.
Applicant Requirements Required
People who love dogs
People who love cats
Animal-handlers Qualification
Experience working in an animal-related industry such as a veterinarian clinic
Type of Empolyment Full-time
Working Hours Work hours change each month (Shift work)
Perks Days off: 6 days per month
Transport Fees: Included (Within Limit)
Pay Rise: Yes (Every year in April, with separate provisions also followed)
Bonus: Yes (conditional)
Worker’s Insurance (Worker’s Health Insurance, Pension and Empolyment Insurance)
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