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Staff Interview

Store Leader, Yoyogi Park Store’s Manager and Groomer: Yudai Koizumi

Q. Why did you decide to join Azabu Pet?

A. At first, I was actually had another company that offered me a job as well and I was stuck between the two.
Both Azabu Pet and this other company were founded on the idea that environment is important for pets. However, when I saw the cageless rooms, the fact that this place was staffed 24 hours a day, I could tell that both owner and pet alike were less anxious. I was allowed to see the hotel staff at the time work, and I heard them talking to clients about how they normally prepare food for their pets, what to do when they don’t eat, just every little detail about how they normally do things at home. They really just did everything in their power to help the clients and their pets and I really admired that and thought that’s what I want to do! And so I decided on Azabu Pet!

Q. Tell us about your job.

A. At the moment, I am the Yoyogi Park and Azabu Store’s leader and I am the Yoyogi Park store’s manager.
My regular day’s work includes grooming the dogs and cats that are staying in our hotel or are in for a short stay, and instructing the other staff members.
I ensure that our staff treats each pet as the client has instructed us to.
I communicate with our clients so that they are feeling confident when handing over their fur-family.
Lately, we have been taking in a lot of older dogs, so I’ve been talking more with our Aged Pet Carers.
As we have had more aged-pets in our care, I’ve had to new challenges with clients who are worried about their pets.
There isn’t one way that we take care of our guests, they are all so different!
We are always thinking along with the client about what is best for their pet and their situation and thanks to that we build a lot of trust between us and our clients.
I’ve received a lot of gratitude over the years, and that is what keeps me going.
I am constantly working to be like a second family for our clients and their pets and not just a place to look after them.

Q. What vision do you have for the future at the moment?

A. Over the years, we have had a lot of clients.
I’d like to make our repeat customers even more satisfied with our services by improving on them even more.
And for our new customers, I want for us as a team to give the best customer service possible to as many people as possible so that they can know just how great it is here.
In order for this to happen, each of our staff need to put in the work.
And in order for our staff to put in the work, I need to become their example so that they can learn from me.
I’m currently striving to do all this for our clients, and their dogs and cats.

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