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Q. Why did you decide to join Azabu Pet?

A. Ever since I was little, I’d never really been close with animals and as a result I was always been a bit on edge with them.
That was until, almost 15 years ago now, I fell in love with a little puppy in a pet shop and started my life with him.
I thought “Either way I want to live happily with this little guy”, and I started studying and I started thinking that I’d like to have a job where I can take care of animals.
There are a lot clients who work in the heart of the city and those people are the ones who need pet sitters the most and I felt that the staff at Azabu Pet knew that.
I wanted to be of help to those people thought to themselves that “things aren’t going the way I thought they would” and “I need help”. And that was my entrance into Pet Sitting.

Q. Tell us about your job.

A. This is my 13th year at Azabu Pet. Currently, I am a site manager. I take the “always yes” customer service policy to heart.
For example, we will take on a normally rejected high-risk dog because there is a person in front of us asking us for help and I don’t think that it’s right for us to turn them down because it could look bad for us. If we do what everyone else does, there is no point in us being here.
I believe that it is our duty to help those in need of our help.
Meeting with each client, asking how we can solve their issues, not as a shop or company, but rather as a support for our customers. We really want to become just like a part of the family, and this is where, I believe, we can come up with solutions where we don’t have to say no.
I think it’s natural to think of how can I be of help to this person and not just any risks that might arise.

Q. What vision do you have for the future at the moment?

A. “We grow as people through our clients”
Whatever the request, we will answer, I want to provide that kind of services to our clients. Getting this message out to all of our staff members I think is very important.
“The trust of a second family” is what I want all of our clients and their pets to feel. This is a big goal, but I will definitely make it happen.

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