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Work with us

Azabu Pet is constantly on the look out for passionate people to join our team.

We hire people at all different stages of their lives such as recent graduates, those seeking new opportunities and casual-workers.
Come be a pet professional with us!

Our Vision

Our Mantra

I want to help those people in need like I was.
Those people who love their dogs and cats like family.

How we treat our clients

Azabu Pet Staff all offer our services to every one of our clients with
“a great sense of love and gratefulness”,”101% of the time keeping our clients’ needs in the forefront of our minds”, and “an always yes policy” as our mantras.

Work Environment

In-house Education and Research Programs

We have a multiude of in-company education and research programs for both full-time and casual workers for a range of positions (Groomer, Pet Sitter, etc)

Bettering Our Workplace

We strive for a working environment where each and everyone of our staff feels fulfilled coming into work.

Company Events

Our Close-knit Team
Due to the nature of shift work, there is rarely an opportunity for everyone to get together. So we make those opportunities with company events!

Our Work Environment is built for Women

Our staff are 80% women.
We know that marriage and pregnancy is still seen as a problem in Japanese organisations. We ensure that all of our women staff can feel secure when working with us and when they are off enjoying the best parts of life!

What the Staff have to say

A Day’s Work


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