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As a leader in the Pet Services Industry,
we do all we can to create a society where every dog and cat can live happily.

What we do

Zero Culling

According to a study by the Environmental Department, there are 153 dogs and cats culled every weekday here in Japan. In 2016, 55,998 dogs and cats (10,424 dogs and 45,574 cats) were culled by the Japanese government. (As according to The Environmental Department’s 2016 statistics in “Impounded Cats and Dogs and Subsequent Animal Culling”)
At Azabu Pet, we donate and volunteer in a range of community services that are aimed at a zero culling society.
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Guide Dog Community Work

Nationwide there are around 3000 people with vision impairment that are in need of a seeing eye dog. However, there are only around 1000 seeing eye dogs on active duty in our cities (as according to 2012 research data estimated by the National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institution and the Japan Guide Dog Association).
Azabu Pet is a coporate member of the Japan Guide Dog Association and continues to make donations towards the training of seeing eye dogs.
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