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Dog Training

This Service fits best for a dog will stay your home alone during the day time.

Our professional trainer would solves your trouble!

  • I want to take care of lonely my dog.

    I want to teach my dog socialization.

  • I want to produce pleasure time for my dog.

    I want my dog obtain fundamental discipline.

We are trying to reduce their stress by making good dog walk and playing together with other dogs and trainers.

It is really depending on you what is best for your dog, please ask anything you want to hear from us.

At first, our staff checks the status of your dog, we will decide the training times and term at the meeting with you.

* You can use this service during pet sitting.

Price of Training

Core time:9:00am to 9:00pm,  Out of core time:7:00am to 9:00am / 9:00pm to 11:00pm

Number of times Time zone Small dog (to 6kg) Medium/Large dog (6kg over)
24 times Core time ¥179,600 ¥232,400
Out of core time ¥209,600 ¥282,400
36 times Core time ¥257,100 ¥332,700
Out of core time ¥287,100 ¥382,700
42 times Core time ¥326,400 ¥422,400
Out of core time ¥356,400 ¥472,400
60 times Core time ¥387,600 ¥501,600
Out of core time ¥417,600 ¥551,600

We might decline your requet of sitting/dog hotel, depending on your dog's condition.
Please ask for detail.

Azabu Pet is a policyholder of Pet Sitter casualty insurance.