The members of shampoo course (The Annual Fees of 3,000 yen), the members of trimming course(The Annual Fees of 5,000 yen)are provided free of the annual fees for the first year.

The campaign is running right now for only members!


Members can be provided

Nail clipping, Anus gland squeeze

any numbers of times for the first year!


For Member of Shampoo

we are providing 50% discounton the course of shampoo.

For Member of Trimming

50% discounton a course of shampoo, and 30% discounton a course of trimming.

Nail clipping, ear cleaning, anus gland squeeze and sole hair cutting are included in a course of shampoo or a course of trimming.

Telephone Numbers

  • For Pet Sitter: 0120-612-365
  • Azabu Annex: 0120-512-132
  • Yoyogi Annex: 0120-512-445
  • tsukiji Annex: 0120-512-445